• Jason Fleck

    "Flukemaster your commitment is very much appreciated. Like most parents getting their kids outside in this day and age can be challenging. Having 2 boys and a little girl, I wanted something we could all do together outdoors, which led me to fishing. Having never fished growing up, I really didn't have a place to start. Well I'm happy to say after a year of watching your videos and you're friends I feel like I have something to pass down to my children. I never in a million years thought I would get into fishing, but I find myself fishing all the time now. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

  • The Bass Stalkers

    "I have been fishing since I was a kid and I am still a student because there is always more to learn. I am happy your channel is a place people of all skill levels can come to learn. I enjoy talking about fishing and teaching people from my own experiences. I have taught both of my boys, all my nephews and co-workers how to fish or how to become better fishermen. But I never considered making video's until I saw your channel. You have actually inspired me to start my own channel. You have showed all of us that you can be successful doing it. You are a stand up guy and have my respect and my gratitude."

  • Fishing is a Lifestyle

    "I am very thankful for your videos! I taught myself to fish when I was 12 years old. I wish someone in my family would have started me earlier because I love it and Im always looking for new ways to learn about it. I am recently starting a club at my highschool for my senior project and that is the goal of my club. To teach the students in as many ways as possible to expand their knowledge. Your videos are helping me teach all of the club members whether experienced or inexperienced. Thank you!"

  • Jacob Johnson

    "I'm stationed in Japan and I found your channel while looking for good informational material, so when I get back to the States and try things I've never tried before. You have given me a lot of knowledge to go back and catch some fish. I'm getting stationed in Georgia next (my home state) and I hope I'm able to run into you on the lake on day and thank you for all you have taught me."

  • Jim McCahey

    "Thanks for everything, Gene. As an older Disabled Combat Vet you've helped me remember the good times before the War. God bless you for teaching me my past again!"

  • Austin Tillis

    "Flukemaster, your YouTube Channel is just what everyone needs to see. I'm 17 years old and I am on a high school bass fishing team in Florida. It all started for me with watching your videos. I wanted to get more into bass fishing and I have to say there hasn't been a single video where I have ever been disappointed or where I haven't learned something. And now I can proudly say as a junior in high school being on the team for 2 years and having a chance to fish in the Nationals for highschool and now having talked to some colleges about fishing for them into the future. I am absolutely delighted you started this channel on YouTube, I hope that you always make videos so I can always help my self and others like me get better and reach our goals in life. Thank you so much for making these videos because if you haven't I maybe no where near as skilled and have as much knowledge as I do today. You are absolutely amazing!"

  • Chuck Gooden

    "Love your videos. I used to fish when I was younger. Now that I am retired I'm getting back into it. All of the new technology today has me confused. I watch your videos to help me get through all of it. All I can say is thank you so much. You have been a lifesaver to this old Veteran."

  • Nick Winchester

    "Great job Gene. You do a great job and your channel has become one of my favorite channels. In a world that seems to use the internet to spread doom and gloom, say negative things about others and spread hate, your channel is truly a bright spot for those looking to use the internet to learn, to have fun or to just watching something they might like to do or something they may want to try. You do a GREAT job communicating instruction and a message that EVERYONE can follow and understand. A skill that is not easy and one that is seemingly disappearing. Keep up the good work. I truly appreciate the work you do and look forward to watching new videos, and old, on a weekly basis."

  • Hayden Outdoors

    "I saw your video today and I was truly touched because I can remember when I first started watching your videos on YouTube I barely knew anything about bass fishing and know I want to go and be a professional bass fishermen so I just wanted to say thank you so very much to help me learn so much and for all you do for everybody you might not know it but you are making a HUGE difference so thank you."

  • Luke Robinson

    "Flukemaster, Gene, I've been watching you since I was 10. I'm thirteen now and I've learned many techniques from you and have enjoyed watching you. A couple of years ago you commented on my video, it was an mtb video and it made my day. This video sure has made my day. I only have ten ducketts but it's pretty good for a thirteen year old. I'm not the best but I'm going to pursue my dream. You and my mom and dad have motivated me to do so! my father just bought me a boat which is a 2015 bass tracker pro team 175 and I'm proud. I've watched your videos with my dad to teach him how to use less expensive fish finders from a while ago!"

  • Jack Ellmo

    "Flukemaster ... You have taught me so much, every time I watch one of your videos I feel like I'm in that Alumacraft boat right next to you. Some things you've taught me are like how to rig a Texas rig to how to fish it. In conclusion, this is why you're the #1 fishing channel on YouTube."

  • Richard Griswold

    "You're an amazing dude Gene! I can't tell you how much you have meant to me, even though I don't know you personally. Your videos and you yourself have almost become part of my family. I couldn't even put a price tag on the knowledge you have passed on to me! Thank you so so so much for what you have done for me and are doing and have done for many others. You have been my #1 idol (outside of my family), and I proud to call myself a Flukemaster supporter, subscriber, follower, and student. You are the epitome of what a good person and fisherman is. You're the man Gene, I hope this becomes a career for you! You deserve it."

  • Brandon Dockery

    "I am a recovering addict and fishing has been what I have turned to your videos have taught me me so much not just about fishing but about life thank you for helping me through my struggles I really appreciate it keep up the good work man thanks again!"

  • Turn Two Outdoors

    "Fantastic channel! I recently got back into fishing after about a 15-20 year hiatus. I have two boys, ages 9 and 13, who are pumped about fishing due to channels like yours. Thank you for rekindling the fire I had for the sport growing up."

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